Home albania iptv smart iptv worldwide m3u playlists August 16.01.2022

smart iptv worldwide m3u playlists August 16.01.2022


smart IPTV worldwide m3u playlists August 16.01.2022

smart iptv worldwide m3u

Smart IPTV worldwide m3u – free links for all Devices with high quality. Here You Find Iptv Code Active

Free IPTV world channels accounts. it includes Worldwide links defferent countries.

How To set up Smart Iptv On your Samsung TV?

You can watch this list in any player you want or any (Devices) you want. IT works perfectly because we have tested it before posting it HERE for you.

you can download the list below at the “Download” Links or you can just copy the Links and past it to (Vlc player) and enjoy it. if you don’t know what is IPTV click here

  1. Test Links M3u In Vlc Media Player Before Send To Your Smart TV (Download VLC MEDIA PLAYER For Windows – GNU/Linux – Apple Platforms)
  2. after tested links copy and paste the link in browser and click enter m3u
  3. now you can send it to your smart tv HERE


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  • http://mains.services:2086/get.php?username=mikekoot&password=1757909&type=m3u
  • http://mytv.fun:8080/get.php?username=kmt6tyq2qb&password=58kt4tics&type=m3u
  • http://teslaiptv.com:8080/get.php?username=hannaxhanna&password=es576457&type=m3u
  • http://restream.tivivo.cc:25461/get.php?username=T6IoMyJMpP&password=Z7GUrEbvbo&type=m3u
  • http://vipeiptv.com:25461/get.php?username=marc82311ip&password=marc82311ip&type=m3u
  • http://dazul.me//get.php?username=Marcio2022&password=2022marcio&type=m3u

  • http://iptv3.kbc.al:25461/get.php?username=Osmanfazliu&password=x3HhRh3lFa&type=m3u
  • http://srv-100.bluesite.club:2095/get.php?username=4vtqX5ytxe&password=QHFLAm5X7g&type=m3u
  • http://king-tv.net:8080/get.php?username=captinunleashed87&password=FbCHwqmi9z&type=m3u
  • http://smartntv.pro:25461/get.php?username=geansatexchanged3x&password=wHoUDRhR8O3KoQUx9DRhq&type=m3u
  • http://smartntv.pro:25461/get.php?username=baltazarexchangekd3&password=OaQmb5R3ADq5R6qa7k0pxQ&type=m3u
  • http://skorpion.selfip.net:80/get.php?username=Antoniocisco&password=Antoniocisco&type=m3u
  • http://skorpion.selfip.net:80/get.php?username=Simao_Helder&password=ifG3NCFr&type=m3u
  • http://smartiptv.ddnsco.com:8080/get.php?username=bn12smart345&password=QnbBgbUpWa&type=m3u
  • http://grtsa.sralm87.com:2082/get.php?username=Mohamed77_024038&password=3NeI9osL&type=m3u
  • http://skorpion.selfip.net:80/get.php?username=paulo_ribeiro&password=jt1cydGY&type=m3u
  • http://skorpion.selfip.net:80/get.php?username=nuno_sousa_pai&password=jgSR2cqm&type=m3u
  • http://firetv.vip:80/get.php?username=a0549743275r&password=rt0549743275&type=m3u
  • http://hbox.cdnss.me:80/get.php?username=bestcs&password=bestcs&type=m3u
  • http://xcui.vitvabc.xyz:8880/get.php?username=287994003748&password=287994003748&type=m3u

Download Free Playlist IPTV 2022

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