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lista iptv 2019 smarters pro 23-05-2019


lista iptv 2019 smarters pro 23-05-2019


lista iptv 2019 smarters Set Up Your IPTV SMARTERS Subscription On The IPTV (Smarters App) .we will explain in this article how to install the app IPTV SMARTERS and IPTV SMARTERS PRO and configure your Iptv Android BOX on it.

personally i find this application among the best, you will find more details about this great application below.

Iptv Smarters Pro

List of iptv smarters pro features.


  1. easy to use and intuitive design
  2. organization of the playlist by channels and VOD,replay channels,EPG timeline
  3. search channels and VOD.
  4. contains 2 itegrated players and possibility to use VLC and MX player as external player.
  5. EPG TV Gruide and automatic logos for tv channels
  6. informations about VODS synopsis, posters from movies and series notes
  7. list of favorites
  8. informations about your subsciption,subscription status,expiration date etc.
  9. Works without M3u
  10. French Language included

List Iptv (Smarters Pro) Are Available at: Google Play Store and compatible with. Android BOX, Smart phone, Tablet, Android TV..

you can download iptv smartters pro app for android here: Smarters PRO

you can download the iptv Smarters Pro App for iphone ,appletv ,ipad ,Here Smarters Pro

iptv smarters pro

no need to lose your head with the link m3u file, this application only work with username and password and server url that will be communicated to you by email when selecting this application with your order,

Example OF M3u LINK:

note: this link for example : 

Server URL: http://adressofserver.com:9000

Username: jone

password: jone01


How To Setup (m3u) Playlist In Kodi:
  1. from the kodi home screen navigate to ADD-ONS MY ADD-ONS PVR
  2. Click on PVR IPTV simple Clinet Confiqure
  3. under m3u play list url enter in your m3u file adress and then click on ok
  4. if you had the PVR iptv simple client ENABLED alredy it the top right corner
  5. if PVR iptv simple client is DISABLED click on the ENABLE BUTTON
  6. back on the kodi home screen click on tv to launch your m3u playlist and view what live iptv channels have loaded
  7. if you don’t the tv icon on your home screen navigate to setting SKIN CONFIGURE SKIN ENABLE TV and it will now be added to your main menu.

How To Activate Your IPTV Smart tv?

smart tv iptv
  1. Search for the (smart iptv) application on your Samsung or Lg tv creen.
  2. open the smart tv app you’ll read on your screen thet you have a free test of this app for 7 days, then you will have to make a donation of 5.49 euro at this website Activation to get a lifetime activation.
app siptv
  1. your mac address displayed on your screen,write it down.
  2. browse to the website Mylist
siptv app

iptv ex-yu  iptv bein sport  iptv spain  iptv italy

  1. enter your macaddress that you noted befor from the smart iptv app.
  2. paste the m3u url that the subscription iptv provided to you into the link field.
  3. click on the add link button than check the recaptcha
  4. go back to your tv and restart the smart iptv app
  5. your channels lista should be loaded.enjoy watching channels Sports, Series, Movies, Documentaries ,VOD with hd-sd-low quality from the worldwide.

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  1. Sorry auf meinem tv lässt sich smartiptv nicht mehr instalieren.suche über appsuch funktioniert nicht kann mir geholfen werden?danke


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