1. works one day not the next most of the codes i actually paid! for a years subscription the server is obviously down now!! just looking for a decent working uk tv extreme code free apks working fine for me so far but i love the layout in iptv smarters pro great site BTW 😉 and ill keep looking for your latest iptv smarters prpo extreme links thanks

  2. Hi our tv was broken after the company fixing it the iptv doesn’t work it’s been looked do you think it’s can be fixed again we only have iptv 4months ago thank

  3. Moze da mi kaze nesto a I da pitam zasto NE otvara ovo nista NE otvara imali I neka da otvara cekam odgovor hvala

    • Salut Sameer Nazeerkhan, ces codes fonctionnent dans des applications comme xtream iptv smarters iptv et de nombreuses applications ont besoin d’hôte / port / utilisateur / passe
      jaune je chose ont seulement prime

    • ►◄-►◄-: Code 1 :-►◄-►◄
      Url : http:// aresera.ddns.net:6923
      username : sferra2franco
      Password : ixGQmwOnzP

      ►◄-►◄-: Code 1 :-►◄-►◄
      Url : http:// aresera.ddns.net
      Port: 6923
      username : sferra2franco
      Password : ixGQmwOnzP


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