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How To Make Cccam cfg File?

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Cccam cfg

How to make “Cccam.cfg” file for all decoders 

most of the satellite decoders/receivers/boxes need Cccam.cfg file with your Cccam lines in it in order to work…

usually, users ask their providers for a cfg file not knowing they can create it themselves …

Doing this is pretty much easy and you only need to have CCCAM lines to put it you can visit this page for many server Cccam Clines

(method one)

you can download an already created Ccccam file,

open is using a notepad ++ and place you clines in it you can download notepad++ from HERE

and here you download the cccam.cfg file

the file is in a zip folder so obviously, you need to unzip it first.

Now right-click on the file and choose ‘Open With’

open the file using ‘notepad’ OR text document 

once it’s open .place the Clines you have into the cfg file, close the file, and save changes …

that’s it – file is ready to be used on your (decoder ..) 

(method two)

first, create a simple text document…

put your Cccam clines in it .and you can find more of them HEREmake sure your clines have the correct format according to your box/decoder/receiver

 note: usual format of Cccam clines is C: host/IP port username password

Example : C: host.flylinks.net 1000 fly links Testcccam

now from the top left side of your text document click file >> save as 

at the bottom, there is a section called ‘save as type’ change it to (all files) 

then from the top of it in ‘file name’ write CCcam.cfg and save it 

note: remember it’s vital that the first two C’s be on caps letters …

that’s it .your CCcam.cfg file is ready to be used

How to load Cccam.cfg card sharing into Openbox/skybox HD satellite Decoder using a thumb drive.

there are ways to load Cccamcfg card sharing account for “Dreambox” using ‘FTP’ and Cccam editor, which is suitable for beginners. if you wonder how you can perform the same on (Openbox s9) an HD high definition capable satellite decoder that has been widely dubbed as a replacement for a more relatively expensive Dreambox 800hd.

here are some pretty simple steps that you can get done


the loading method is quite different and much simpler as compared to the Dreambox decoder thanks to its built-in USB 2.0 host port.

and what users need to have is a USB thumb drive with | CCcam.cfg file stored into it |

plugged into the USB 2.0 host port of the decoder. if you already have those ready, follow the steps


  • 1) from the remote control go to menu -> network local setting Cccam plug setting.
  • 2) under Cccam plug setting choose update file by USB
  • 3) when prompted to add updated files choose Cccam.cfg (Cccam plug) followed by reading yellow button press.
  • 4) then go to manage config files highlight Cccam cfg and press ok 
  • 5) by now you should see the clines server click the active “Green button” to activate it so that they are online connected to card sharing server …
if you have any questions about that please feel free to contact us -> rhacksat@gmail.com
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