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How Do You Create An M3u Playlist By Yourself 2022?


How do you create an M3u playlist by yourself and find any country you need?

Welcome to your site https://flylinks.net: After we received a lot of messages about (IPTV) and especially many people do not know about (Internet Protocol Television).

We decided today to write a topic on how to extract any country from the list that was available on the server M3U Playlist.

First, you must know the server date which consists of 4 things.

  1. URL/HOST/IP, For Example or https://flylinks.net 
  2. PORT, will be from. The numbers are: 11 or 111 or 1111 or 11111
  3. USERNAME consists of characters or numbers according to the requested server Owner
  4. PASSWORD consists of numbers or letters

We are now on track to take advantage of every server in the country we want because I know that some people are keen on their country that understands their language.

Without prolonging you in a very easy way, and do not take your time and do not forget this way too, especially the owner of “Smart TV & portable & tablet & PC” Devices.

IF you’re from the UK, you’ll only see English channels. Open This Page By Clicking (HERE)   to find the data and do not close this page you need it.

as you see the M3u Link in the following format

  • Now we make the copies of the Host/IP/URL and paste it into the first
  • We also Take the port and put it in the links.
  •  We take the USERNAME and put it places USERNAME HERE
  • And also as we said in the past we take the PASSWORD and put it in place PASSWORD HERE

Now we come to the method of operation to see if the server is working or stopped seeing the first two images server.

The Server Is Not Working?

Don’t worry that is from the server source you can try Another one.

Now we download the file from the browser. We use the Google Chrome browser and you can use any Browser you want.

Also do not forget to download the program NOTEPAD++  and install it because you will need it to delete channels that you do not want.

Now after installing the Notepad++ and try the server and download we open a new file to operate in it and give it any name.

Press The Right mouse and open the file you downloaded. See The Picture

m3u how you create

We come now For Find Channels we need and to delete the channels. (CTRL+F) Then write the name of the country, Most Names Like This UK

m3u how you create

After Deleted all channels don’t need it after finished click save.

Now, let’s explain how to send this m3u file to your Smart TV.
  1. You need to install an intelligent IPTV Application and this application is not free, the owner of the app gives you 7 days trial. After finished 7 days, you need to pay 5.49 euro for active. You can use PayPal for pay or card banker. Don’t worry this site is a safe and note scam.
  2.  After installing the app click (HERE) to know how you send it
  3. Why do we talk about this app? And why did I pay for this app? Because it’s paid and does not bother you with ads like other free apps.

Now We have Finished this topic, and we hope it helps you. Enjoy IT

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If you have any APK or some program channels that need us to talk about, please feel free to comment we are here to help all people.



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